Kentucky Attractions

Tourist attractions in Kentucky

Kentucky is a southeastern state in America. There are several highly rated tourist attractions in Kentucky. They include:

1.Kentucky Derby:
The Kentucky Derby is one of the most famous horse racing events in America. The Kentucky Derby is held on every first Sunday in the month of May. It is an annual event that draws a lot of crowd.

2. National Historical Park in Cumberland Gap:
The National Historical Park in Cumberland Gap is located along the Cumberland Mountains. The park is a tourist attraction that attracts thousands of tourists on a yearly basis.

3. Daniel Boone National Forest:
The Daniel Boone National Forest is a natural bridge measuring 65ft high and 75ft wide. The natural bridge was created by the erotic forces of wind and water over several hundreds of years. The forest has over 707,000 acres of rugged terrain and more than 3400 miles of sandstone cliffs.

4. Kentucky Horse Park:
The Kentucky Horse Park allows tourists to see how a horse farm works and learn alot about horses. The farm is located north of Lexington.
At the park, tourists have the impressive opportunity to see a wide selection of different horse breeds. Visitors of the farm also learn first hand the traditional uses of horses throughout history. Also at the Kentucky Horse Park is the International Museum of the Horse and Hall of Champions.

5. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill:
Shaker Village is an open air village with several dozens of buildings showing the traditional lifestyle of the shakers. On display at the Shaker Village are several handmade items which includes furniture and other everyday items from the 1800s. Shaker Village is located north of Harrodsburg.

6. Mammoth Cave National Park:
The Mammoth Cave National Park holds the World’s longest known cave system. There are several fun things to do here which includes, canoeing on the green river, picnic at the campgrounds, e.t.c

7. Keeneland:
The Keeneland is another fantastic place in Kentucky to have a horse racing experience. The site is renowned as one of the most beautiful places in Kentucky. A visit to this place would enable tourists see the popular paddock where you can catch a glimpse of how colts are being trained to become racing champions. April through October is the best time to visit Keeneland.

8. Louisville Mega Cavern:
Louisville Mega Cavern is a 17 mile attraction beneath the city of Louisville. There are several variety of tours you can join to explore the Mega Cavern. Some of the tours are conducted by Jeep or Tram.